Photo Journal: Marrakesh, Morocco

After arriving in Marrakesh you can straight away feel the eyes staring at you. The air is dry and straight away you can smell spices in the air. As you look around you can already feel people choosing when to pounce to sell you rugs, hand made jewellery, spices and women ready to cover you with henna tattoos.

We stayed a little out of the city which is what my Mum needed as she struggled with the pressure of constant haggling and the business of the souk. After, we finally got the courage to head back out into pure carnage with my camera and a hungry belly for some real Moroccan tagine so we set off through the winding streets getting more and more lost. We eventually found a restaurant at the top of a tower which is exactly when I fell in love with Marrakesh. The burnt orange tones, the sound of the mosques, the birds singing away, the beeping of horns – it was some sort of paradise within a hell.

Marrakesh can be overwhelming at times – but that is all just part of its crazy charm.




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